Monday, April 21, 2008

The wind fiercely hammered against a star-torn sky!

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to write honestly and interestingly?

I had kind of a cool experience today that I had planned to share tonight. So, when I came home, I grabbed my laptop, sat down in my comfiest couch and began to type. Ironically, I'd only spat out a few lines before actually stopping to read what I had written.

"What an interesting story!" I thought. If only it had reflected at all what actually happened. I seemed to remember something like a feeling "flaming down into my belly," but certainly wouldn't have used those words myself.


I'll admit that there's a time to stretch the action a little bit and blow readers away with powerful and overwhelming verbs. Persuasive essays seem like a great place for this; who can think about refuting your argument while they're trying to visualize Emerson unleash a lionlike roar?

However, the writing about my life could sure use a nice taste of subtlety, of verb use that tells it like it is. A dose of Emily Dickinson.

On this wondrous sea
Sailing silently,
Ho! Pilot, ho!
Knowest though the shore
Where no breakers roar -
Where the storm is o'er?

In the peaceful west
Many the sails at rest -
The anchors fast -
Thither I pilot thee -
Land Ho! Eternity!
Ashore at last!

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