Monday, December 1, 2008

As If the Internet Needed Another Cliche Quote...

"As if you could kill time without injuring eternity"
-Henry Thoreau

And yet, here I am, killing time because I really don't want to work on the Religion essay I should've started days ago.

The library here at BYU always has an art exhibit or two on the bottom floor. The art isn't ever particularly famous. I don't know how many artists who've grown accustomed to seeing their names in the headlines of art exhibits would let their work be presented like this. I still think the exhibits are noteworthy though. Through them, I've been introduced to a half dozen of the most talented people on and around campus.

I'm most impressed by each artist's ability to find their "voice." That niche that they perform in, a stage reserved for them. Right now the exhibit displays art from three students here on campus. My favorite artist made her ravens with only a piece of paper and what looks to me like various pencils, you'd have to have an artist tell you for sure though. Although each raven looks different (some in flight, some with backwards-turned necks), they all feel the same. Each has the same aura, the same personality and soul insofar as ravens have either. Each raven holds a length of ribbon in its beak, and the strands seem to tie them all together. The ribbons in the beaks seem to endow the ravens with an infant-like curiosity. Its easy to picture how moments before they each snatched up their shiny treasures from the shadows. Who knows what they'll do with all that ribbon.

Moral of the story: Go look at art, you never know when you might find something shiny.

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Trudy Gine said...

haha. now ive decided to at least look at the artworks in my university's library the next time I'll be there. =)))

piece of fantasy. you are cool like that. hahahaha.